by APEman

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Waking from a drunken stoned stupor
Future clouded confusion
Wisdom of Confucius
Hope I don't do nothing stupid
Or stupendous when I'm mending
In a bacta tank smelling stank
Laying plank myself to thank

No money left in the bank
It all got drank
Or vaporised behind my eyes
I tell no lies except the white
Got a fright when I saw myself
In the mirror looking iller
Than a murdered gorilla
Who's the killer?

Me or the liquor
Blame the other one quicker
Still no slicker
Than the ice that was vanilla
Rising up like Thriller
Set to J Dilla
I'm a pillar of the community
But careful not to lean on me
Too much

I'm in a rush to fall
To join my jaw on the floor
Where I can no longer claw
My way back up I'm stuck
Lost my marbles
And my bucks
Didn't give any fucks
I guess that's the crux

I'ma mummify myself
I don't need nobody's help
Massive martyrdoms this day
Many more will pass my way
If the topic is my health
Better talk bout something else
Cause I'm old before I'm grey
Gonna soak here in this baste


released September 2, 2016
Produced by APEman




APEman Brisbane, Australia

Hairy, foul mouthed weirdo yelling over electronic punk rap beats.

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