Foul Mouth

by APEman

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I gotta foul mouth
So fucking uncouth
Mate without a doubt
The filthiest hole about

It's hereditary
And unconsciously
As if within parenthesis

It makes sense to me
All these cursed words you see
Even if the dictionary
Doesn't like to acknowledge or agree

What makes these words wrong
These combinations of syllables
That I vibrate with my tongue
Elsewhere considered a miracle

When I'm told to watch my language
I just wanna brandish
Every fuck, every shit
Every cunt that I can manage

Those with softer hides
Wish to block their ears and hide
But I accept what I am
Bloody hell, I'll wear it with pride

It's that little bit of bogan
I keep as a token
To remind myself where I come from
With every word I've spoken

So here's to hoping
That my filter remains open
That the fire keeps burning
When the monster is awoken

No doubt words have power
But we're focused on the wrong ones
A whole generation sour
Cause we choose the words we want

I gotta foul mouth
So fucking uncouth
Mate without a doubt
The filthiest hole about

But how much more damaging is the brand terrorist
When it’s thrown around to label any potential predators
Back in the days they used to call them barbarians
To demonise human beings and make them seem scarier

So compared to that what's a little fuck to emphasise
My point several times when the passions start to rise
Does the use of these words make me any less wise
Cause I like the way that the contrast serves to characterise

That contradiction between dark and light
Polite, well spoken by day
Unleash the foul mouthed beast at night

To give old ladies a fright
And teach the kids something that might
Take away their innocence
Like dirtying the white

But that right there's the lie
That I acknowledge with a sigh
Cause kids already know this
From the playground am I right

So pull the stick out of your ass
And just try to look past
What you were taught as a child
And realise that it's all a farce


released December 12, 2015
Written, performed and produced by Apeman.




APEman Brisbane, Australia

Hairy, foul mouthed weirdo yelling over electronic punk rap beats.

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