Fetal Dreams

by APEman

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released January 22, 2015

Written, performed and produced by Apeman.
Mastered at DOMC Mastering.




APEman Brisbane, Australia

Hairy, foul mouthed weirdo yelling over electronic punk rap beats.



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Track Name: Stasis
Stasis in motion
Asleep in an ocean
I feel consciousness approaching
A contradictory notion
At least that's what I'm hoping
The astral and I've been eloping
My bubble begins it's opening
And I wonder how I'll be coping
Going from talking to doing
And all the while growing
My heart begins to beat
I dream while I sleep
Of a day when I'll be born at the feet of a mountain peak
That's deep
But deep thought is what I eat
Without it everything seems cheap
Now quiet down take a seat.
Track Name: Trippin'
I smell fear
From a mile away
I see it clear as day
You're afraid to say
What you need to say
To make it through
Do what you need to
You're so see through
I can't hear you
As if I'd want to
Who knows what shit
That you'd spew
Just to make the news
To rack up the views
To impress the crews
That sleep on you
Better hit the snooze
Way too late in the afternoon
To start the shit
You said you'd do
Yeah you stand accused
Of drinking too much booze
And wasting the life that was granted to you
No room here for half stepping
Yeah I heard it before
About the project you're prepping
But who knows your name
Who's on your side repping
Who comes to your aid
When your reputations threatened
Who risks their life when somebody pulls a weapon
They might spare a thought
But would they risk a second
They'd likely do a little risk assessment
Not risk their life for the life of a peasant
No one's interested in the flight of a pheasant
When a peacock is so extravagantly crested
I just shine a light on myself in the present
There's so much more for which I'm destined
I have so much to give
I will not be bested.

Stepping all on my kicks
Damn you must be trippin'
Spilling all of your drinks
Damn you must be trippin'
Talking to me like a bitch
Shit you must be trippin'
Watch yourself when you sip
Cause right now you're trippin'

Another day passes
Another set of glasses
I tell you right now
I'm gonna show those bastards
If I can get off my ass that is
Then I could do it big
Like godzilla did
And afford to buy
Some expensive shit
That's what's important
When your mind's distorted
What your eyes reported
And your soul's discordant
Cause of the drugs you ordered
The madness you border
Wasn't really sorted
Like you really thought it
And your road's more crowded
So you think to forfeit
But your ego won't have it
It's gonna combat it
It's gonna come back with a baseball bat and
Get to cracking all the terrible habits
There's more to life
Than fucking like rabbits
You don't need to be defined by traditional sabbath

Stepping all on my kicks
Damn you must be trippin'
Spilling all of your drinks
Damn you must be trippin'
Talking to me like a bitch
Shit you must be trippin'
Watch yourself when you sip
Cause right now you're trip pin'

This is for all the trippers out there...
Track Name: How Deep?
How deep does this hole go?

What hasn't been said
Up in my crazy head
Which one of you hasn't read
The tibetan book of the dead
Truth be told
I haven't either
But assuredly I'm eager
Of wisdom I am a seeker
Of stories I am a speaker
In some roles I am a teacher
But in most I am a student
I try not to sound like a preacher
The way some others do it
I follow the rabbit hole deeper
In hopes to reach the centre
To most I am a dreamer
Still nursing the placenta
Now enter
A dream state where anything is possible
All prejudice set aside
Any philosophical view point's
True point is weighed against the logical
Any spiritual idea is of equal value though
It might sound weird
Yes I know
But I'm not afraid to let it show
We as a people have room to grow
Don't try to fight
It's inevitable

How deep does this hole go?
Track Name: Spirit Dreaming
I might be ahead of my time
But I'm late to the starting line
I'm a malleable jellyfish
With a stubborn spine
I contradict myself all the time
Don't worry I see that I'm blind
I exist in the grey
I don't need to take sides
Cause I'm a primate evolved
And I'm gonna be fine

I R Baboon
I dance to my own tune
I don't need a fork or spoon
Cause I'm as primitive as a cartoon
The best thing since I left the womb
Is playing with fucking balloons
Disney soundtracks are the shit
I've loved the Lion King since I was a kid
Such powerful life lessons
Taught through these live sketches
A path that I was destined
Imparted in this art blessing
So I feel like I'm Rafiki
There whenever you need me
Even if you don't see me
That only adds to the mystery...
Track Name: Fortuna
I wanted to rap like a gangsta
Without sounding like a wanksta
So instead I am a prankster
And it's all thanks ta
My search for answers
Spreading like cancer
Tip toe like a dancer
Or fly like prancer
I got beats for sale
No tall tales hit me up on gmail
I'm not trying to be stale
I'm trying to be stable
And get my hands into
Anything I'm able
Any offers on the table
I'm trying to saturate like american cable
And use that as my way to
Meet like minded people who want to be equal
This is just a prequel
I made this because I'm so impatient to meet you
And see where this goes
The destination at the end of the road
The celebration that we're all owed
The fountain of youth
From which life flows
Yeah I got flows
In a garden full of weeds
I'm as vibrant as a rose
But I don't like to brag
The motto's facts not words
I'm just confident
It'll one day be earned
I apologise
In case you get burned
I'm not here to make friends
Now you have been served

I was small
But now I'm grown
And I won't do
What I'm told
Now I'm coming
For the throne
Because I know
Fortuna favours the bold

Vertu verde fortuna mayne
I'm not satisfied with the material plane
I have an ego I accept the blame
I'm headed into the unknown
I am sick of the same
To spark inspiration inside my brain
I throw fuel on the fire to create a bigger flame
A primate evolved
That's what I claim
On the path to mutation
I might go insane
There's games to play
Words to say
Art to make
And rules to break
As an APE
I must create
To find my place
Within this space
I'm not worried in the least
I'll stand on my two feet
And turn into a beast
Over these beats
I'll howl before I bleet
Think before I speak
My journey's incomplete
I won't accept defeat

I was small
But now I'm grown
And I won't do
What I'm told
Now I'm coming
For the throne
Because I know
Fortuna favours the bold
Track Name: We Want The World
I know you like when I act like a pimp
So if I say that I walk with a limp
And that I'm fly like a Goodyear blimp
Would you see through my gimmick?

Consciousness activated
Concepts debated
Ideas masturbated
Reality created
Objectives stated
A picture I've painted
Innocence tainted
Everything's violated

Hey young world let me whisper in your ear
And tell you something that you might like to hear
You gotta beautiful body and your booty looks soft
Mind if I touch it until I get off?
I have a love affair and I ain't afraid to say it
I got a sick fetish for world domination
Shits getting hard cause I'm so impatient
Give a fuck about consent I'm so tired of waiting

We want the world!!!

And we want it now
Cause we can't afford to burn it down
Who wants to live in a city or town
Where we constantly hear the sirens sound
I had my aversions but I'm breaking them down
Because I love our society I'm so damn proud
Of where we've come to yes even the clowns
But doubt hangs over us like a dark cloud It started as survival
We don't need revolution
But we're in denial
We need an evolution
To break the cycle
Revive the vitals
Before we spiral
Into fantasy pyro
I'm not afraid
It'll happen in due time
We haven't seen the days
Where we live in our prime
We can close our eyes
But we can't be blind
The past and future tell us
If we choose to read the signs

We want the world
We want the world
We want the world
And we want it now

Trying to achieve immortality like
This body won't hold me back
This body won't hold me back
Questioning where I even got that
Either advice so sage
Or I'm filling up with rage
In the book of history
A question mark on my page
If I'm trying to be a prophet
Will I make it full range
Cause if I'm out to make a profit
Can I still make change

I know I'm not the only one
Who wants to know where we really come from
I'm not talking about any one place on earth
I think it's imperative we look inside first
And find a place of peace
Like looking to the east
To see the rising sun
Where our lives come from
And put down the guns
Spar with our tongues
Pick up the crumbs
Give back in tons
To our daughters and our sons
See the difference in some
We can still be many
If we act like one

We want the world
We want the world
We want the world
And we want it now...