Moar Noize

by APEman

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New single from Brisbane inter dimensional artist Apeman.


What's on my mind?
The same thing every time
How to remould this world
By my own design

How to talk with passion
But still be kind
How to flex my third eye
So I can never be blind

The highest mountain
And how to climb it
How to influence minds
So they respect the climate

The philosophers stone
And where to find it
All these thoughts get louder
The further that I get

But are they just
As well as wondrous
Am I on the hero's journey
Should I take the bus

Is my faith a crutch
Is fame really a must
When I'm reduced to dust
Will it matter much

I create my art
As a place to start
Spreading ideas
That I wish to impart

Now I'm not so sure
That they're needed at all
Cause nobody picked up
When I put out the call

Amidst Moar Noize
Put out into the void
My ego loves to work for the joy
Give it up boy just get employed

Now take these words I say
As I stab them in your brain
Now that's skull fucking
You know like the way
We treat females with such hate

It's not my fault
I might be wrong
But then again I might not

I need to say something
Or I need to stop
It's harder to write
The heavier the pen got

Responsibility weighs me down
Everything I say needs to be profound
These are ideas given life
Far more than just empty vibrations of sound

If I don't carry my weight
Then the world very well might break
I very well might exaggerate
But the place is in that kind of state

There's too many words
That I could say right here
But only a few
That'll tell it real clear

I want us to see
With the sights of a seer
I wanna find some truth
To combat all the fear

Or it's Moar Noize
Put out into the void
My ego told me not to be coy
Work hard at it you'll be one of the boys

But see I'm not so sure I want to be one of the boys
Cause they talk a lot of shit and don't seem to help many people
They use their elevated platforms to recycle the same ideas over and over
Glamourising violence and drug abuse to the younger generations and trying to maintain they aren't responsible for what happens next
That shit's weak

You might convince them
But you don't have me fooled
That mic in your hand
Is a weapon or a tool

To have it to use it to make yourself look cool
Is a travesty, and you've been overruled

If you can't relate
Then get out of the way
Don't steal airplay
We've got something to say

Join the debate
Or take cover from my spate
Step up to the plate
Or have your reputation ate

I aim to leave inspiration in my wake
So humanity can take charge of their fate

Find your voice and cut through the noise
It's ok to be one of the boys

But don't conform
Just to fit their shoes
You were born to win
And that's a way to lose

We all have a choice
And you have to choose
Now find your own truth
By following the clues.


released February 27, 2015
Written, performed and produced by Apeman.




APEman Brisbane, Australia

Hairy, foul mouthed weirdo yelling over electronic punk rap beats.

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